PTO Driveline aka PTO Shaft

A power take-off (PTO) driveline aka pto shaft is a drive-shaft device that connects a tractor to the farming implement it needs to operate.  The connection provided by the driveline allows the implement to draw power directly from the tractor’s engine. The PTO drivelines aka pto shaft go through strenuous conditions and will eventually break down from the rigors of daily farming projects and need to be replaced. When it is necessary to replace a PTO driveline, it is important to choose the correct components applicable to the specific equipment in use.  In order to choose the replacements correctly, you will need to know some information about the driveline.

  1. Driveline (PTO Shaft) Series

The easiest way to determine the driveline series is to measure the Bearing Cap Diameter and the Cross-Kit Width located at the tractor or implement the end of the PTO driveline.

  • Bearing Cap Diameter

Measure the outside diameter of the cap itself marked (C). This is the same as measuring the inside diameter of the hole in the yoke ears. Most u-joint have the same cap diameter, however, some driveline has different cap measurements.

  • Cross-kit Width

Measure u-joint end-of-cap to the other end-of-cap marked (D). You should measure the cross in both directions since some series are not uniform in their width. To obtain these measurements, you will need to remove the cross kit from the yokes.

  1. Telescoping Tubing Shape

North American tubing comes in four distinct shapes, square, rectangle, hex, and splined. Metric is normally three-pointed, star or lemon-shaped.

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